Google Allows Businesses To Respond To Reviews

Google Allows Businesses To Respond To Reviews

By Doug Caverly – Wed, 08/04/2010 – 2:32pm.

New Place Page option

Whether your approach to a bad review is to apologize or go berserk (or something in between), Google’s made it possible for business owners to have their say.  Owners can now respond to reviews posted on the Place Pages of Google Maps.

GoogleOwners should proceed with caution, of course.  While there’s value in appearing attentive and making a quick reply, everything on a company’s Place Page will probably stay accessible for years or even decades, so owners should be sure their comments will put their business in a positive light.

That said, a single negative review doesn’t have to represent a major conundrum.  A post on the LatLong Blog stated, “By responding, you can build stronger relationships with existing and prospective customers.  For example, a thoughtful response acknowledging a problem and offering a solution can often turn a customer who had an initially negative experience into a raving supporter.”

And it should be possible to enhance the value of good reviews, too.  The post continued, “A simple thank you or a personal message can further reinforce a positive experience.”

Anyway, in order to reply to a review, business owners just have to make sure they’ve claimed their Google Places listing.  Then it’ll be possible to see a “Respond publicly as the owner” button and take whatever approach seems best.

Of course, staying silent remains an option.

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