Google Adds iPad Targeting for AdWords

Google Adds iPad Targeting for AdWords

By Chris Crum – Fri, 04/16/2010 – 4:15pm.

iPad Option Added to Device Targeting

This week, we looked at a survey from Kit Digital, which found tha most marketers are intersted in reaching iPad owners. This mentality isn’t lost on Google, despite the company becoming one of Apple’s main rivals.

Google of course knows a lot of people are using iPads, and a lot more will use them in the future. The company has now released iPad device targeting for AdWords. To target iPad users, edit the “devices” section in Campaing Settings. Then edit the “Devices” section in your Campaign Settings, and select the iPad under ‘Advanced device and carrier options.

iPad TargetingGoogle says to keep the following in mind:

– If your device settings are set for desktop and laptop computers only, your ads won’t show on the iPad.

– If you’re already targeting selected mobile devices (such as iPhone or Android), your ads won’t show on the iPad. Make sure to select the iPad as well if you want to include it in your device-targeted campaign.

Google also reminds advertisers they can promote their iPhone/iPad and Android apps by linking to the download URL in ads.

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