Five Business-Oriented People To Follow On Twitter

Five Business-Oriented People To Follow On Twitter

By Doug Caverly – Thu, 08/26/2010 – 2:26pm.

Practical advice for small biz owners

Traditionally, small business owners have probably used Twitter as a means to broadcast information, or maybe interact with customers, rather than receive advice.  Twitter’s just too full of comedians and celebrities.  A new list outlines five individuals who small business owners may want to follow, though.

Twitter LogoThese folks shouldn’t just adhere to the Twitter cliche of describing every meal and complaining about their commutes.  Bianca Male identified them as “really smart business thought leaders and great Tweeters.”

First up, then, is Becky McCray, an entrepreneur who runs a blog called Small Biz Survival.  Business coach Pam Slim, who’s the founder of Escape from Cubicle Nation, also earned a nod.

Next, there’s Chris Brogan, President of New Marketing Labs, followed by author Tom Peters.

Finally, Male recommended following Anita Campbell, founder of the Small Business Trends site, “As both an entrepreneur and an expert in everything that’s going on in the SMB world, she’s a pretty invaluable resource.  Her Twitter stream features lots of links to great outside articles for small-business owners, and she’ll often retweet other smart people that you should definitely be following, too.”

Here’s hoping you get some use out of their insightful tweets.

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