Fat Walmart Loser buys FerrariF430!

Fat Walmart Loser buys FerrariF430!

This guy just bought a Ferrari!

See the video…

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2 Years ago he was stacking shelves
in Walmart for $9.52 an hour

His new **updated** system has been
sending shockwaves around the forums…


He’s already mentoring over 3197 active
students and is about to open the doors again.

His incredible new “inner circle” tatctics
have been blasting 100% newbies to 6 figure
monthly incomes.

What if I told you to STOP working day and night
on SEO, PPC, article writing, blog posting…

And all the other expensive, time wasting and
boring stuff…

Would you think I’d gone mad?

An internet virgin gets on Google for f.ree and
earns himself on average $112,279 dollars per month
to be exact.

He is so kick-a** good at this he can do it
for both Amazon ($42,175 p/m) and info
products ($70,104 p/m)

See the proof here:

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The mad thing is this…

One of his students from September 2009 is
making more than him!

His student, well she…

– DIDN’T know the slightest thing about the internet
– DIDN’T know what a web browser was, let alone a website
– DIDN’T know what HTML was
– DIDN’T know what FTP was (method to upload files to the internet)
– DIDN’T believe people could click a mouse button and make money
– DIDN’T believe people would buy ‘stuff’ off the internet

Another word of caution … he didn’t even spend a penny
on traffic to bank that money either.

To get the full story, you must see this shocking video…

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PS, he really is fat and greying BUT he bought a Ferrari
watch the video here:

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