Facebook Location Features Will Unlock More Potential for Businesses

Facebook Location Features Will Unlock More Potential for Businesses

By Chris Crum – Mon, 05/10/2010 – 4:12pm.

Facebook Location Features Coming Soon

We’ve talked about multiple ways Facebook can help your business online, and that is not limited to online businesses, although selling through Facebook is becoming easier and easier thanks to application developers like Payvment.

Facebook is getting ready to start offering location-sharing features. It’s not certain exactly when this will happen, but reports have suggested that it will be before the month is over. Code within Facebook’s touchscreen interface has been discovered that will place a “Places” tab on Facebook user profiles.

“This will be the biggest thing to happen to local businesses since paid search,” says Ian Schafer at AdAge. “The ability to leverage frequent visits to their locations to passively and actively influence others to do the same, deliver special offers, or redirect local foot traffic at a moment’s notice can lead to a direct, measurable impact on in-store sales and word-of-mouth.”

If you thought Foursquare had some good opportunities for local businesses, consider that at last count (months ago at this point) Facebook had over 400 million users.

Location sharing is an increasingly growing trend, and is influencing how people access information. It’s also playing more of a role in search. With or without search, Facebook participating is a game changer.

Foursquare alone just surpassed 40 million check-ins. I could see Facebook surpassing that in a week.

Let’s not forget that Facebook is also sending brick and mortar businesses decals to promote their Facebook pages.

Facebook has been a good way for businesses to engage with their customers in the past, and now there are an increasing number of ways to do this. One app will let you add an actual Support tab to your Page.

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