comScore Finds Small Firms Losing Online Market Share

comScore Finds Small Firms Losing Online Market Share

By Doug Caverly – Fri, 09/03/2010 – 2:42pm.

5.6 percent YOY decline recorded in Q2

Before diving in, we should note that the second quarter of this year is well over, and last week, the Dow was way up.  That said, a new report from Hitwise covering the second quarter of this year indicates that things went pretty wrong for small businesses.

Gian Fulgoni, the executive chairman and cofounder of comScore, wrote on the comScore Voices Blog, “In a blog post earlier this year, I wrote about the challenges facing small e-commerce businesses, noting that their share of online spending in Q4 2009 showed a 4.2 point decline versus Q4 2008.  Unfortunately, the situation hasn’t improved since then.  In fact, it’s gotten worse.”

Small businesses actually suffered a 5.6 percent year-over-year decline in the second quarter, according to Fulgoni.  And the below tables illustrate his point.

Later, Fulgoni added, “The market share loss suffered by the smaller retailers corresponds to an absolute sales decline of about 6%.”

Let’s hope things have gotten a lot better since then.

Anyway, Fulgoni did end his blog post with a push for policies that favor small businesses, and perhaps his position will help catch the attention of someone even more important.

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