AT&T Adds Mobile Apps For Small Businesses

AT&T Adds Mobile Apps For Small Businesses

By Mike Sachoff – Wed, 07/07/2010 – 12:05pm.

AT&T now offering new mobile payment apps

AT&T said today it has partnered with Apriva, a wireless payment provider, to offer new mobile payment applications that can improve productivity and cash flow for small businesses.

The applications, AprivaPay and AprivaPay Professional, turn smartphones into point-of-sale devices that accept credit and debit card transactions.

According to Generator Research, the global mobile payments market is on track to grow from $68 billion in 2009 to more than $600 billion by 2014, a compound annual growth rate of more than 50 percent over the next five years.

“Sales increase when small businesses accept payment cards,” said Michael Antieri, president, advanced enterprise mobility solutions, AT&T Business Solutions.

“And given that an overwhelming majority of small businesses use smartphones, offering a mobile application that ties together payment cards and smartphones makes perfect sense. By offering these new mobile applications from Apriva, AT&T is helping small businesses create ‘virtual storefronts’ in the field, enhancing cash flow while minimizing back office processes such as billing.”

AprivaPay is a browser-based application that allows businesses to process credit and debit transactions through the browser of their mobile phones. AprivaPay Professional is a full featured application that is downloaded directly onto a smartphone.

Additionally, the service can be integrated with an optional card reader and a receipt printer, allowing businesses to obtain the financial benefits of “card present” transactions, along with printing receipts.

Small and medium businesses interested in learning more about AprivaPay from AT&T and other mobile applications can visit the Small Business Mobile Application Recommender Tool (SMART) to find mobile applications for their business.

AT&T has added AprivaPay to its portfolio of AT&T mobile applications and authorized users can purchase it directly from AT&T via the online self-service tool.

Small businesses looking to find information about other AT&T products and services can visit the company’s small business website. Additionally, real-time information can be found on the AT&T Small Business Facebook page and Twitter channel.

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