Advice Against Hiring A PR Agency

Advice Against Hiring A PR Agency

By Doug Caverly – Fri, 05/14/2010 – 2:05pm.

Professional marketer thinks many companies should hold back

However tempting it may be to toss some cash at a PR agency – lots and lots of new customers are worth a little money, right? – that’s perhaps not the best route to success.  In fact, a principal at a marketing consultancy has written a new article titled “Startups: Don’t Hire a PR Agency.”

Brant Cooper of Market By Numbers provided a somewhat lengthy list of reasons why startups (and many other types of companies) shouldn’t bother with PR agencies.  The first couple are “[y]ou do not need press releases” and “[y]ou do not need a campaign blitz of articles and press mentions.”

Then, Cooper also proclaimed that “[y]our PR firm does not know how to do your customer messaging or positioning for you,” and “[y]our PR firm should be no where near your social media.”

Small business owners who handle these matters for themselves are supposed to be able to build relationships with the media, better target potential customers, and make sure their brand’s image is respected at all times.  The DIY approach can save businesses a bundle of money, as well.

This is something to think about the next time an overly slick marketer starts explaining all the ways in which he (or she) could turn your small business into a big deal, at least.

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