14 Tips for Exceeding Clients’ Expectations

14 Tips for Exceeding Clients’ Expectations

By Jennifer Davey – Wed, 04/28/2010 – 4:40pm.

“Under-promise, and over-deliver.” That’s the old adage. If you want to exceed your clients’ expectations on a regular basis, it’s important to find strategies that don’t require too much time or money. After all, you’re a small-business owner, so you probably don’t have a huge staff to help you work with clients.

While getting clients is always important, keeping clients is absolutely essential!

Try these 14 tips for exceeding clients’ expectations:

1.    Always meet your deadlines. This makes your clients feel that you value them and that they are important to you.

2.    Always fulfill your promises. Do what you say you’re going to do. This may sound obvious, but it’s the number one reason why clients are unsatisfied.

3.    Return all emails and calls. You want your clients to feel that the lines of communication are open. If you don’t have time right away, send a brief message saying that you’ll get back to them in detail as soon as you can, and fulfill this promise.

4.    Keep your client up-to-date on all progress. Send regular updates, even just to touch base and let them know that you’re working. If you’re just starting out, make it clear that you’re excited to get started and that they can communicate with you about any concerns. Doing these things will make your client feel well taken-care-of and important.

5.    Build relationships with all your clients. It’s not a good practice to only reach out to clients when you have something you want to sell them. Make sure they’re signed up for your newsletter (which is not just marketing material, but mostly useful content). Regularly check in with them, even if just to say hello. If you come across an article that is relevant to your client, forward it to them.

6.    Teach your clients about the best buying practices for your industry. This will make them feel more confident and satisfied to be working with you. Don’t keep them in the dark about these things. Be honest and open.

7.    Be your clients’ best resource. Refer them as much as possible. Share your proven contacts with them. Assist them in finding the expert help they need (which will also help you form your own strategic alliances).

8.    Offer more. Any time a client purchases something from you, make sure they know that you have more to give.

9.    Seek your ideal clients, and work with them. This way, you’ll be in the best position possible to have satisfied clients.

10.    Meet their needs. Make sure that what you’re offering is exactly what your clients want. Talk to your loyal clients about what more you could do for them or if there’s something else you should be offering.

11.    Welcome feedback. This is one of the best ways to improve your business. Listen to what clients have to say about your work, and don’t take it personally. Make sure they know you want their opinions.

12.    Offer suggestions. You are the expert. Share your expertise by offering your clients relevant suggestions.

13.    Be pleasant to work with. Being warm and friendly goes a long way for your business. Treat clients as you would like to be treated.

14.    No surprises. Don’t add sneaky fees or extra costs. Be upfront with all financial matters.

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