Best Affiliate Marketing Services Tips Called by for May 2015

FLORIDA, FL–(Marketwired – May 09, 2015) – has called the most effective Internet affiliate marketing businesses within the search engine marketing techniques business for that month of May 2015. Thousands supplying options inside the business are researched to be able to create which businesses give you companies in need with the most memorable methods. Companies searching for search engine marketing techniques businesses that are amazing to assist the rankings are accessed by them online to find out businesses that have been examined by a completely independent 3rd party.

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NAPLES, FL–(Marketwired – December 15, 2014) – has named the 30 best affiliate marketing companies producing solutions in the online marketing industry for the month of December 2014. Businesses searching for effective affiliate marketing solutions turn to the recommendations offered online in order to identify companies which have been judged by an independent third party. The recommendations are updated monthly to account for the latest accomplishments of top performing online marketing companies and to feature the top purveyors of effective solutions.

The 30 top affiliate marketing companies for December 2014 are:

1. Experience Advertising

2. ICrossing

3. AffiliateCrew

4. Affiliate Announcement

5. AdMarketplace

6. Mercury Media

7. Paulson Management Group

8. AffiliateTraction

9. Intertwine Interactive

10. IProspect

11. Adworkz

12. FutureAds

13. IYogi Inc

14. SEO Service Agency


16. Zanox

17. Morpheus Media

18. Neolynx

19. Norra Marketing

20. Digital Net Agency

21. ClickEquations

22. MarketiQ: Strategies That Click


24. Leapfrog Online

25. ClixGalore

26. Rise Interactive

27. BeeSeen

28. Mission E Commerce


30. Chapell Associates

The key objective of is to identify the most esteemed affiliate marketing firms the internet marketing industry has to offer. The ratings provide clients of these solutions with a listing of firms which provide the best solutions based on the opinion of the independent authority with years of experience in research and analysis. The ratings are updated monthly based on the meticulous evaluation process, client referrals, and industry research and analysis.

ABOUT is an online organizer of independent reviews and ratings. The recommendations of the best search engine marketing services are released monthly to assist businesses in connecting with affiliate marketing services which feature a history of effective solutions. Thousands of search engine marketing services are put to the test while only the absolute best services are highlighted in the recommendations.

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29 Prime Offers New Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

Search Engine Optimization Specialist 29 Prime has announced the debut of an affiliate marketing program tailored to websites and affiliate networks.

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) July 10, 2012

Search Engine Optimization specialist 29 Prime has announced that it is now offering affiliate marketing opportunities to website owners interested in selling the company’s line of small business and personal SEO solutions. The program will provide webmasters with a convenient, turnkey solution to ensure that they can begin working with the company as quickly as possible.

29 Prime currently works with sales affiliates internationally to deliver its products and services to business owners throughout the United States and Canada. 29 Prime licensees offer generous commission rates and monthly residual payments to the company’s resellers. The opportunity is now being extended to website owners and website networks interested in selling 29 Prime’s products. These organizations will also receive commission and monthly residual payments for every client they sign up for 29 Prime’s service.

“Our affiliate marketing program is going to be a great way for webmasters to help affiliate websites get more exposure,” said 29 Prime COO Tony Redman. “Those who take advantage of this opportunity by working with us can get up and running selling our services extremely quickly, and our customer service team will ensure that clients they sign up with us have their needs met month after month. We’re happy to offer this opportunity to website owners and their affiliate networks.”

29 Prime has also developed partnership programs tailored to the needs of aspiring business owners and professional organizations. Individuals who are interested in learning more about taking advantage of 29 Prime’s range partnership opportunities can visit the 29 Prime Partnerships page, call (949) 777-6616 or contact them via email at partnership(at)29prime(dot)com for details.

About 29 Prime

29 Prime is a leading innovator in the Search Engine Marketing industry. Fueled by the proprietary Prime Marketing PlatformTM, their service is geared toward optimizing small- and medium-sized businesses for the most popular search engines in order to increase visibility and customer traffic. It has grown in record time to become the premier SEO provider in Southern California, and is currently implementing a massive expansion of its sales force.

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The growth and evolution of the performance marketing industry

By Matt Bailey, commercial director, Performance Horizon Group

Affiliate marketing contributed over £5 billion worth of sales in the UK in 2011. Predictions suggest that this year 71% of brands are increasing spend in the channel.

There is real optimism in the performance marketing industry; the sector is on a natural high with a greater understanding of the disciplines which sit within it; there is increased buy-in from brands and agencies spanning the UK; finally awareness has been raised thanks to a number of high-profile events and press stories. In addition, performance marketing related sales are on the increase as brands become savvier with their online spend.

In the industry, however, there is great disparity between what defines performance marketing. At PHG, we believe it is centred around conversions driven by partners across multiple digital channels, with the focus placed firmly on conversions.

Until now, the majority of performance partners were paid on a CPA basis, but we believe the key to successfully monitoring performance marketing is to have visibility over how the sales and leads are driven.

With this in mind, it is clear that the all-encompassing umbrella of performance marketing offers much more than what the current affiliate networks provide. There is now an expectation from brands to wholly own their relationships with their key performance partners to ensure that when needed, customised and bespoke approaches can quickly be adapted.

A clearer understanding of which channels are working and which aren’t, alongside access to real-time data, is also vitally important within performance marketing. For brands to perform better they need the ability to track and manage their data so that they can more effectively budget and plan campaigns to make more informed decisions.

Working with this definition, here are the biggest evolutions in the industry in terms of publisher innovations and management:

Taking back control

Leading affiliates are now key sales channels for many big brands, with constant signs of a shift towards partner relationships being managed in-house rather than being outsourced. The newly created role of affiliate manager is one we are likely to see more of.

That said, managing an affiliate programme is no small feat when you consider how the affiliate programme fits with the brand’s business objectives, which is why agencies will continue to play a vital management role. An agency’s value and expertise in terms of development, relationship management and affiliate recruitment will continue to be one of the utmost importance.

Clearer attribution and knowledge share

As previously mentioned, better access to data means brands will have a clearer idea of how their budgets should be spent and which of their affiliates are the most valuable to them. Due to the introduction of new technologies that provide this data in real-time, the financing models for affiliates will change as a result. The CPA method will cease to be the most efficient method of incentivising affiliates.

The importance of consumer data in lead generation

Brands are increasingly using lead generation to collect consumer data, enabling them to connect and communicate directly with customers. Data collected by partners and affiliates is also invaluable to ensure the kind of people that buy a brand’s products are being spoken to directly.

This is being powered by advances in technology that allow much more granular targeting and better quality of data.

Driving sales to phone numbers

Whereas affiliates have previously been concerned about losing sales and revenue due to the presence of phone numbers on brands sites, the emergence of new technologies from companies such as FreeSpace and AdInsight means sales via phone can be attributed to the relevant affiliate.

The growth of mobile and social

Statistics suggest that by 2015 nearly 95% of mobile devices sold in Western Europe will be smartphones – not only does this suggest great opportunities for affiliates, but also for brands who offer transactional services online, as they must consider whether they need to offer mobile-browser enabled sites too. Therefore lead generation and pay per call could become mainstream methods on mobile devices.

Additionally the lack of utilisation of social media by affiliates has not been successfully explored to date, but we are starting to see a shift in this with the launch of social spaces and apps that have affiliate marketing at their core.

Monetisation for publishers

As the rise of performance marketing continues, we will certainly see larger and more traditional publishers look to revisit the channel to monetise their reach. We have seen partnerships like this before with incentives such as co-branded cash back sites, but this should become more mainstream.

This is only the beginning for performance marketing; it will become more integrated across brands and agencies meaning more media will be purchased based on performance, ultimately resulting in the possibility for advertorials to be rewarded on the number of sales secured from the piece.


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Offline Business Consulting – An Additional Venue For Free Work at Home Marketers

Offline Business Consulting – An Additional Venue For Free Work at Home Marketers

Article by Paul Marshall

Are you an online business owner? Are you an internet marketer with a developed set of skills? Have you been working on your online business for some time and are still looking for another way to earn more money while working from home? Are you still searching for free work at home opportunities? Then you should consider offering out your skills to offline businesses so that you can help them grow.

If you have been developing your own website for some time now, then you have probably already earned yourself several skills to create an effective business site. Some of these skills are website design, lead generation, article marketing, writing press releases, and more. These are the very skills that you can offer as a service to offline businesses. Lets talk about how an internet marketer can make a killing with offline business consulting.

Typically, an offline business would consist of your local hardware retail store, the seed grower distributor or even the wholesale coffee seller. These businesses know that in order to grow and compete with others, they need to have an online presence. Sadly, most of these businesses give up before they can even start their own website once they find out the high cost of hiring a professional marketer for their business. This is where your expertise as an internet marketer comes in.

You can approach an offline business offering a whole slew of services. First off would be your skills in website designing. You can offer to design a website that is according to their budget. After designing their website, you can offer to create a blog. Explain to them that a website can become static if no traffic is directed to them. A blog is one way of directing traffic to their site. Customers can communicate with them better through their blog. They can also post new products, their scheduled bargain sales and specials in their blog.

Social networking is now a necessity if a business hopes to grow globally. As a part of your service, you can also offer to create their profile on social media such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Plaxo. After their profile has been created, it is a simple matter of adding as many friends as you can to increase their exposure. This can be taken further by using another site such as FriendFeed to link the website to all popular social networks and manage it all from one site.

SEO is another major area that you can offer to offline businesses. A website may just remain static if it is not keyword optimized for Google and other search engines. Keyword optimization is a very cost-minimal way to market their products and services. Compare it to professional online marketing where ads have to be purchased for a very high fee; SEO consulting is more a more cost-effective way of growing a business.

There are just so many ways to make offline consulting a major contributor of your income. Although the internet is filled with free work at home ideas, there is nothing that can be better than making your skills as an internet marketer work for you. With offline business consulting, you can watch your income grow steadily.

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